Need a licence?  Don’t get caught without one.

It is an offence in Qld to drive a vessel with an engine larger than 6 Hp without a licence. Huge penalties are handed out to those caught by the Water Police and Fisheries Officers.

Live your dream … Let Townsville Boat and Jet Ski help you obtain your licence.

To gain a Boat Licence you must be 16 yrs of age. The Cert of Competency given to you on the day is valid for 6 months; so the course can be completed by those 15 and a half and the licence issued when you turn 16. #

Join Robin for a great day of training to obtain your boat licence (recreational marine drivers licence).

Note* The theory training is delivered online, you are then required to attend theory and practical assessments in the Townsville City area within 3 Months to gain your certificate of competency. Failure to complete the Practical Training and Theory Assessment within 3 months of the on-line training will result in you having to complete the whole course again.

We highly recommend you the online training option .
As per MSQ regulations the pass mark for the 50 multiple choice questions (Theory Assessment) is 100%.
If any of the questions are answered incorrectly on the day you will need to undergo further training on those questions.


We highly recommend revision prior to attempting the Multiple Choice assessment. Especially if it has been some time since you completed the on line training. You can use the attached BoatSafe Work Book at the bottom of the Home Page for this. Please visit the sections regarding Safety Equipment, Collision Regulations and Navigation Markers/Flags in particular. Also the Special Rules for PWC’s if required.

You will be required to re do questions you answered incorrectly.
If unsuccessful the second time the student is deemed “not yet competent” and will be required to come back to us for further training and reassessment on another day at a fee of $100.00.

On successful completion of the theory assessment you will be able to attend the practical training and assessment.
Once you have been trained in the practical elements you will be assessed on these elements. If you are deemed not yet competent you will be required to come back to us for further training and assessment on another day at a fee of $100.00.

On successful completion of all assessments, you will be deemed competent and awarded a certificate of competency. You will be required to take the certificate of competency to the Queensland Department of Motor Transport to obtain your licence. Qld Transport charges a fee for the issue of a Boat or PWC Licence.

# Under 18.   Those students under 18 will need to have a Parent/Guardian sign a Medical Disclaimer. It can be done on the day of the course, prior to the course starting at our training centre or by Downloading the Form Medical Disclaimer and bringing it along on the day.  Download here >>>

Practical Training is normally carried out on a Sunday. If the weather is not in our favour the day can be changed to another when the conditions are more favourable.


Pricing: On-Line Training Only:

$290.00 for boat licence theory and practical training and assessment (RMDL)

$190.00 for jet ski theory and practical training and assessment (PWC)

$420.00 if you wish to complete both

$100.00 to resit the Theory or Practical Assessment.